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The Magicians

So some time back in June some guy called Lev Grossman emails me and asks (very politely), since his book is paired with mine on amazon uk, whether I’d fancy reading it, since he was getting a copy of Best Served Cold. I was like, “yeah, whatever, free book.” If I had known then that […]

The Brief, Wondrous Road of Oscar Finch

For a man who reads few books, I have read quite a few books recently. Three excellent pieces of fiction in particular, though only one of them could be considered fantasy and that of a rather peculiar and fungus-ridden variety. Still, I warmly recommend all three to anyone capable of reading in English, for they […]

The Other The Blade Itself

So I’ve just done a little piece for a website called Writer’s Read, a website where writers say … what they read. Shockingly, I have actually been reading something recently. Thought I’d crosspost it here: Over the last couple of weeks – in an airport, on a flight, and standing on the stairs for an […]