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Readers will Mourn

Yes, they will, but not in the way you’re thinking, you sarcastic bastards. Publisher’s Weekly, organ of the US book trade, has spoken on the subject of Last Argument of Kings. Or will speak, come September: “The sword & sorcery trilogy that began with The Blade Itself (2007) and Before They Are Hanged (2008) comes […]


British SF&F; Magazine SFX have run a poll of their readers of their 100 favourite SF&F; authors. Can’t be bothered to post the whole thing, so I’ll link to a posting and discussion here on Westeros, where I am occasionally to be found shrilly singing my own praises. As such lists go, and barring a […]

Hype Malfunction!

Man, what with all these great reviews recently, you can imagine I was starting to feel pretty ground down. Does no-one out there hate my stuff any more? Is there no-one who’ll give a brother a kick when he’s up? It can be tough getting out of bed when you know there’ll be no knives […]

Back from Cornwall

Back from Cornwall. Stayed in a lighthouse. Weather was fantastic. Paddled on the beach. Swam in the sea (cold as f*ck). Even did some body-boarding. Surf’s up, dudes, and that. Went to St. Michael’s Mount near Penzance, a castle/church/stately home on a great rock that is an island for most of the day. Fascinating, beautiful, […]

What They Said in May 08

It’s been a while since I trawled the dank corners of the interweb for opinions about my books. Well, it’s been about ten minutes. But it’s been a while since I talked to you lot about it. Time to set that straight… Salvek – no, not a vulcan, but a Frenchman – has been reading […]

Joe Mallozzi’s Book Club

No, not an offbeat episode of the Sopranos, but an exciting initiative from writer, critic, bon vivant, and Stargate Atlantis joint-supremo Joe Mallozzi. We go back a long way me and Joe. We first met at one of Baron Destructo’s interminable drinks events, it’s a long story, and since then we’ve never looked back. You’d […]

Assorted Stuff

The guys at Westeros.org have done a little survey to establish the top ten favourite sf&f; authors for their readership, and guess who came in 9th place? That’s right, new kid on the block, Joe Abercrombie. Oh, yes indeed. Finally OBJECTIVE AND INCONTROVERTIBLE PROOF of what I have long suspected, that I am a writer […]

Ye Olde Middle Booke Syndrome

Too long has it been, good friends, since I girded my loins (whatever that means), unsheathed my mighty blade, bestrid my charger, and rode forth from my shining citadel to do righteous battle against the forces of evil. Well, not evil in the strictest sense, perhaps, but people who criticise me, anyway, which is the […]

Ending Like an Avalanche

SPOILERS * SPOILERS * SPOILERS If you ain’t read my books, best read no more of this, for it may spoil the (wonderful/shocking/deeply moving) experience somewhat. Certainly don’t read the comments section of this or the previous post, which are sure to BURN YOUR EYES LIKE THE BREATH OF THE BALROG OF MORIA. What’s that […]

Locus Pocus

Man, if only I spent a fraction of the time writing my books as I do dreaming up hilarious pun headings for my blog we might really have some quality fantasy fiction out there in the marketplace. I mentioned in the last post that I attended a panel at Eastercon about online reviews, and the […]