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What THEY are saying NOW

Like a bit of romance in your life? Romantic Times has reviewed The Blade Itself, and awarded me four and a half stars out of five, would you believe: “Abercrombie kicks off his series masterfully with a heroic fantasy without conventional heroes. Its clearly the characters that take center stage here. Their dialogue is full […]

More of what THEY say

Time for my regular orgy of self-gratification, as I utterly ignore my writing to scour the internet for the slightest whiff of praise for my old books. We begin with John D. Borra, on Flowers from the Rubble, who has been reading Before They are Hanged, and says: “Pick it up. The darkly comic was […]

Homage, Satire, Revision

Fantasy Book Critic, one of the leading voices in a new wave of sci-fi and fantasy bloggers has posted a review of The Blade Itself, and do you know what? That guy really gets me: “The Blade Itself is simultaneously an homage to fantasy of old, a satirical riff on cliches common within the genre, […]

What else THEY are saying.

Heavens be praised! I’ve been Klausnered! For those of you who don’t understand, Harriet Klausner is amazon.com’s no. 1 reviewer, well known for posting an AWFUL LOT of semi-comprehensible reviews (about 3 and upwards per day, in fact). Some doubt her ability to truly read and consider that many books, but no-one could truly consider […]

Writing a Series

Heroic Fantasy tends to come in series. It’s a well known fact. Only look at the classics. Lord of the Rings. Elric. Earthsea. Notable stand-alone fantasy books are quite the rarety. In fact, it’s hardly a new observation to point out that the biggest-selling fantasy series of the last decade or two seem to be […]

What THEY are saying

A little round up of my obsessive trawling of the internet for the slightest nugget of opinion about myself. Will I be delighted or horrified? Will it be heaven or hell? We shall find out … Jessica Strider from The World’s Biggest Bookstore has given The Blade Itself the once over. Fair news or foul? […]

Hello America

Although the US edition of The Blade Itself isn’t actually due in stores until 6th September, I’m delighted to report that amazon.com is stocking it from today, and at a generous discount. Only think, you could order that bad boy right now and crack the spine ten days before publication date. Only imagine: for those […]

Varying Opinions

An interesting spread of opinions appearing over the last few days. Dreamwatch online had this to say about The Blade Itself: “The real joy of the book, though, is the writing style, which is fast-paced, deeply sarcastic, spitefully witty and well observed. The dialogue is razor sharp, the author is comfortable changing voices depending on […]

Props from the Bookie Monster

There have been a lot of new book-blogs appearing lately, but none better titled than The Bookie Monster, who just so happens to have reviewed The Blade Itself in his most recent post. The Good? Among other things – “I’m usually as wary about anti-heroes as I am about selfless, perfect heroes … but the […]