The Blade Itself Issue 4

August 15th, 2013

The fourth issue of The Blade Itself Graphic Novel is now available on Comixology, featuring Mercers, Magi, Murders, and much, much more, and complete with guided view and a package of assorted pencils and inks.


A paper collection of the first four issues should be available very shortly.  More news as I have it…

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  • Morgan says:

    Hmm —

    I dont remember the scene where the ninja killed the homeless guy in “The Blade Itself”.

  • RAMSAY says:

    Is that supposed to be Glotka with the cane? I don’t know if it’s just me, but I don’t picture him like that at all. He doesn’t look anywhere near as hideous as he’s described in the books. And is he really capable of crouching down like that? How would he get back up without enduring severe physical agony? Or maybe I’m over thinking it due to abject boredom on a Friday night.

  • Scassonio says:

    “He doesn’t look anywhere near as hideous as he’s described in the books. And is he really capable of crouching down like that?”


  • I always imagined the light coming from the other direction.

    Keep up the good work everyone involved with the comic! I’m really enjoying it.

  • Jôrano says:

    I am enjoying these so far. I just imagined Logan being a bit Larger physically.

  • Jonnyboy says:

    Logen should be a bit uglier. I think the artist is trying to turn him into a rugged pretty boy in the Hugh jackman mold.

  • Pedro says:

    Truly sad with the depictionof characters,thr cripple is nowhere near as crippled and ugly as one might expect,hell he is not ugly at all,marrying him will not be a sacrifice later on..also,there was a rendered sculpture of Logen,and by the Maker thats how i see him,croocked nose and all..this is like the boy band version of it..

  • Roger says:

    Why Glokta has to be ugly? Where it is said in the books that he is ugly?

    We know that he was good-looking in his youth, and he is still young in the series. We know that he limps, that some of his teeth and toes are missing, and that he doesn’t control his lacrimals or his bowels. But nowhere it is said that his face is carred or disfigured.

  • Pedro says:

    it is implied,what great sacrifice will the girl who ends up marrying him make if hes not so bad?so she didnt love him,so what?in that world thats the least of her troubles,also a prisoner who was reportedly good looking,inflicted many defeats on the captors force and was held in a dungeon for years?if they didnt touch his face not even a bit..well the Gurkish might be losing their touch

  • StickyHooves says:

    How is marriyng Glokta a sacrifice, really? Glokta was basically the only person who treated her like a human being, like a friend. The way the story ended for Glokta and his wife is as close to a happy ending as anything in these books gets. Besides, it is quite heavilly implied that she actually loves Glokta which comes as no surprise really.

    Though I imagined him uglier too, yeah.

  • YOURMOM says:

    I think ugly is the wrong word to use, maimed and hunched over is more accurate. Also… I think the expression on Glokta’s face is portrayed well.

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