The Devils Cover(s)

May 23rd, 2024

It’s now less than a year until the release of The Devils, and I am delighted to reveal its cover(s). In the US:

And in the UK:

Art is by book-cover graphics sorcerer Will Staehle. Both will no doubt be adorned by various foils, glitters, touches and finishes, and in the UK at least it looks very likely there will be more than one special edition with a variant cover of some sort. More on that as and when I have further details.

Should you wish to preorder your copy of this genre-redefining masterwork ahead of its publication in May 2025 (in hardcover, e-book and audio), you can follow this territory sensitive link to your book merchant of choice. To whet your salivating appetites, here’s the latest version of the UK copy:

Europe stares into the abyss.

Plague and famine stalk the land, monsters lurk in every shadow and greedy princes care for nothing but their own ambitions. Only one thing is certain: the elves will come again, and they will eat everyone.

Sometimes, the darkest paths lead towards the light. Paths on which the righteous will not dare to tread…

And so, buried beneath the sacred splendour of the Celestial Palace, is the secret Chapel of the Holy Expediency. For its congregation of convicted monsters there are no sins that have not been committed, no lines that will not be crossed, and no mission that cannot be turned into a disastrous bloodbath.

Now the hapless Brother Diaz must somehow bind the worst of the worst to a higher cause: to put a thief on the throne of Troy, and unite the sundered church against the coming apocalypse.

When you’re headed through hell, you need the devils on your side.

And here’s the latest version of the US copy, along with the lovely thoughts of the supremely talented Taz Muir who clearly has amazing taste in books…


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16 comments so far

  • faustisch says:

    Hell yeah

  • Alex says:

    to say I am quivering with excitement is a disservice to expectation. Please do tell me that Steve Pacey has booked early 2025 to spend time in the recording booth?

  • Sabrina Lombardi says:

    First time I’ve pre ordered! Can’t wait!!

  • Mark Lysaght says:

    Fantastic stuff Joe!

    I can’t wait . . . although I do have to wait, so yeah, I CAN wait! Woohoo!

  • Alex says:

    Joe is Steve Pacey going to be involved?

  • Choman Hama says:

    I love your first Law books and i’m so excited about The Devils. You write amazing characters Joe!

  • Kelly Smith says:

    Yay I can’t wait
    From the master story teller Elves eh yoohoo

  • Wombat of Hoskopp says:

    Grimdark fantasy ‘The Dirty Dozen’? If anyone can make that work, it’s you. And evil elves – yep, always knew they were a bad lot deep down; all that prancing in the moonlight did not fool me.

  • Owen says:


  • Dylan says:

    These are sick! I actually might slightly prefer the US cover for once.

  • Zak says:

    Pre-order placed! Cheers from Canada.

  • Benny B says:

    I’m going to need a pre-order link and a confirmation “we” can all have Steve Pacey read this!!! Let’s ride with the Devils

  • TAF says:


    I was absolutely flabbergasted and thrilled to discover the good news about The Devils today! Finding out about the May 2025 release made my day and now I have something to look forward to.

    I’ve preordered the audiobook on Audible and can’t wait to dive into another of your masterfully crafted worlds. Your storytelling always captivates me, and I know this one will be no exception. Thank you for continuing to bring such incredible stories to life!

    Keep it up Lord Grimdark!

  • Andy Brown says:

    Goldsboro and The Broken Binding?? Curious King in about 8 years time! hahaha

    One question though, could you please do a story about Ferro? I loved their character. I know there are a lot of indirect hints in the Great Change trilogy that it was probably her who caused rampage killing all the eaters in Gurkhul and I want to read more about her!

  • Chris says:

    Looking forward to reading The Devils when available. Featuring a similar band to the Company of the Gracious Hand perhaps? But the book cover design is awful, looks disjointed and poorly conceived.

  • That Guy Ethan says:

    Big fan of all your work, Chief. Pumped for the release of The Devils next year and ever hopeful that the Best Served Cold adaptation comes to fruition. Thanks for all the wonderful stories!

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