The First Law Trilogy goes into Orbit

June 30th, 2015

I’m delighted to announce that in September, Orbit Books are going to be re-releasing the First Law Trilogy in the US.  They’ve been publishing the standalone books since the start, and will be publishing a collection of short stories in the same world early next year, so this will put all the First Law books under one roof. We’re working on a new cover approach for all six, but in the meantime they’ll have a contemporary twist on the original cover treatment…


E-books should be unaffected in the short term, but availability of the physical books might be patchy in the US until these new ones hit the bookstores…

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  • Dennis R says:


    What short stories?

    I have read one short in the Strong females bok – whatever it was named. I’m on round six, yes six, of the first 6 books (under 2,5 years ) so I would not say no to some additional stories set in my favorite universe.

    Joe, will you continue with 3 more? It feels like the score is not settled..?

  • Scassonio says:

    I hope the books sell a fawkkbillion copies, forcing you to write another First Law Trilogy. Ha!

  • Matte Lozenge says:

    What short stories? Maybe like the one that just won a Locus Award for best novelette?

    Many congrats Joe, it’s well deserved.

  • Thomas says:

    I found the first law trilogy from Orbit books open for preorder on in paperback format and they look mighty sweet 😉

    Joe, do you know if they will be re-released as hardbacks as well in the US or/and GB as well?

    Oh, and congrats on the much deserved awards, may there be many more.

  • Lisa says:

    That’s great. Hey I assume we get the book with all the first law short stories over here in the sunny uk too right?

    Perfect time to collect the hardbacks which I missed out on. Only have the hard backs from Best Served Cold.


  • Andrew says:

    Joe please give us some news on the new first law books pretty soon!

  • Hawkeyye says:

    Would be great to see some new art on the new covers. Maybe done by the guy who did the heroes artwork on the limited edition version.

  • Hector says:

    Joe, when will we see more? Maybe a Second Law Trilogy? Or even a series based on the rise and fall of Juvens, Kanedias, Euz, etc.? I think we’d all like to know what really happened between Juvens and his first disciple….. please, I beg of you!!

  • Sleepy says:

    Hi, I would like to see the hardcover re-release as well, I cannot find it on amazon or other sites, so is it only for paperbacks? Cheers.

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    These are trade paperback editions. Hardcover re-release long after first publication is very rare as there doesn’t tend to be the appetite. The only hardcovers remain a limited run of UK 1st/1st, a limited numbered and lettered edition by Subterranean Press, and some book club editions.

    New First Law books are at the planning stage, but really don’t hold your breath.

  • Bob says:

    Are there any films planned? Please say there are films / series planned. I check on a nearly daily basis looking for any snippet of news regarding this!!!

  • malcolm says:

    “and will be publishing a collection of short stories in the same world early next year”

    this makes me very happy!

    i can’t wait!

  • Dominic says:

    Hi Joe

    Good luck on the new release.

    Have you read the Angus Watson books Age of Iron?

    Really funny and the same level of mindless violence as we have come to enjoy in the First Law world!

  • John says:

    Will the new releases include audio versions of all First Law universe books read by the incredible Steven Pacey for those of us in the US? Sorry but the Michael Page version are terrible…

  • Ryan says:

    I just finished The First Law series – what an absolutely great ride they were! I truly hope there’s a future for all of these characters in stories to come. It’s been a very long time since I felt so immersed in a fantasy series. Thank you!

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