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August 1st, 2007

So, the final part of the First Law trilogy, Last Argument of Kings, is edited and sent back to the publisher. It finally weighed in at a beefy 235,000 words – a good 15% longer than either of the other two – but there’s not an ounce of fat on that bad boy, I can tell you.

Most recent version of the cover art here. Still a little way to go, but basically very impressed with what the designer (the eternally talented Laura Brett) has come up with. Keeps the theme going but injects a much greater sense of action and danger appropriate to the rip-roaring content. Good stuff.

The UK hardback and trade paperback are slated for release in March 2008, but some of the lucky few may find proof copies in their hot little hands over the next couple of months. And the quality of the content? You’ll find a little taster on the site, but for the rest, let me only say what I always say.

It’s the best book ever written . . .

by me.

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  • Iceman of the North says:

    If it was slated for release in March, why haven’t I seen it in any stores yet? 😉

  • I cannot imagine what you are referring to.

  • Iceman of the North says:

    Nice pussy editing there Joe.

  • Again, I have not the slightest idea what you mean.

  • Aidan Moher says:

    Looks terrific, Joe! I love how consistent the style and quality of your covers has been over the course of the trilogy.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on the conclusion and dig my teeth into it! Maybe one of those aforementioned review copies will make it my way for review… with a little help!


    A Dribble of Ink

  • John Dent says:

    Just a quick note to say I love the new layout, and I can’t wait to finish the series… maybe I should drag out Before they Hanged until March 08…

  • Juan Ruiz says:

    Till March!!! Next Year!!!!! And you give us the taste of the new cover and an introduction… you really want to make us suffer… it was not enough to create three of the best characters in modern fantasy and oh my!! those Named Men from the north…
    Okey, then… I will wait till next March…
    Enhorabuena desde España!!
    Un saludo

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