The Trouble With Peace (Virtual) Tour

August 28th, 2020

The Trouble With Peace is out in but 18 days, people.  Due to the ravages of Covid, the usual practice of filling a bookshop shoulder to shoulder with people who then queue up to be breathed on by an author has rapidly fallen in popularity.  But if the thought of NOT seeing me talk about myself uninterrupted for an hour or two brings you out in hives, do not despair!  Those clever folk at my publishers Gollancz and Orbit have teamed up to put on several virtual book events in association with some of the US and UK’s foremost purveyors of fine literature.  Some will be in the company of guests already announced (including narrator extraordinaire Steven Pacey), some will be in the company of guests yet to be announced, and some will be one man shows.  Follow the links to find out more and book your spot…


Monday 14 September – 6:00pm EDT / 11.00pm BST 

Malaprop’s Bookstore event 


Tuesday 15 September – 3:30pm EDT / 8.30pm BST 

The Trouble With Peace book launch with audiobook narrator Steven Pacey 

Books sold by AtHomeWith4Indies 


Wednesday 16 September – 2.30pm EDT / 7.30pm BST 

Interviewed by Jonathan Wright. SFX event with books sold by Toppings & Co. 


Saturday 19 September – 1:00pm PDT / 9.00pm BST 

Mysterious Galaxy event 


Tuesday 22 September – 2.30pm EDT / 7.30pm  BST 

Forbidden Planet event


Wednesday 30 September – 4:00pm EDT / 9.00pm  BST 

Event with Lev Grossman hosted by Waterstones and Barnes & Noble 

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4 comments so far

  • Wilfred Berkhof says:

    Ooh! Steven Pacey! And Joe will be there too? That’s a nice bonus!

  • Rob says:

    Hi Joe!

    I am reading, following and listening from Sydney Australia.

    Will your interviews be recorded in some format so I can watch/listen at a later date? I’ve got a curious and at times a crying baby on the loose and he might not be asleep during those interview times. I have to be realistic about these things.


  • Mike Murphy says:

    The Forbidden Planet event link doesn’t seem to be working correctly. It doesn’t take you to a page to sign up for the event. Instead, it takes you to a page that requires a password as if it’s assuming you’ve already signed up. There is a link that says “Need a password?” but there doesn’t seem to be a way to request one. Thanks.

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    Thanks – should now be fixed.

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