The Wisdom of Crowds – Out Today

September 14th, 2021

And so The Wisdom of Crowds is published in the UK (by Gollancz) and the US (by Orbit) this very day in hardcover, e-book, and audiobook read by the magisterial Steven Pacey. Always a bitter-sweet moment for an author, like dropping your kid off at college and hoping they’ll get on okay without you, but even more so than usual this time, as this is the last in a series, the culmination of near 6 years work. I hope you guys will enjoy it or, at any rate, buy it, which you can do over here.

By way of encouragement, here are a few early reviews…

“In Book 3 of this dazzlingly gruesome and gripping cycle, Joe Abercrombie does politics much as he does everything else: with a clear-eyed understanding of the limits of human kindness and the banal depths of evil…you’ll be guessing until the end.” The Daily Mail

“Abercrombie is at the height of his game, a wordsmith and story-weaver of such absurd talent that each jolting wrinkle you encounter will at once surprise you and make you realize that you probably should have seen it coming miles away… hands down, one of the best fantasy series I have ever read” Forbes

“The Wisdom of Crowds is an unputdownable page turner that made me grin on reading one page and grimace on the next…I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – no one does these stories like Abercrombie.” SFFWorld

You can find three different extracts from the start of the book here, here, and here.

You can find a recap of A Little Hatred here, and of The Trouble with Peace here.

I was in Scotland last night to do a first event – great to look people (and indeed readers, who are of course the best people) in the eyes once again – and I’ll be doing a few more over the coming week or two, both in person around the UK and online, with some details here, and others to be posted as soon as I have them.


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  • John Hess says:

    Really excited! When can we expect a paperback release?

  • Tom says:

    hooray! can’t wait to dive on in!

  • Robert Holmes says:

    Sounds great, it’s by Joe Abercrombie, of course it’ll be great! Really excited about this release, as the books have become much more about social commentary. It will be interesting to see where the idealism of The Breakers and their ilk will take them once they have to deal with the real world as opposed to the idealistic vision of tearing down the old order. The phrase “Be careful what you wish for” springs to mind. Our Maine Coon Sherlock will be requesting royalties for your use of the leonine image of him on the cover of the British version!

  • Daniel Porter says:

    I’ve waited patiently for all 3 books to be out before I read the new trilogy. I can’t wait to finally start it.

  • Clark says:

    Greetings from Canada! Ordered a UK copy and can’t wait for it to arrive!

  • Zeph delgado says:

    Your books have amazing characters!! I have been listening to them on audiobook. Can’t wait to read them All.

  • George Ellis says:

    Started the audiobook and found the signed hardback edition waiting for me when I got home from work. Loving it so far, genius as always!

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    John Hess,
    Mass Market Paperback usually follows in the UK in 6-8 months or so.

  • Hogsta says:

    I popped into my local bookshop, and, to my joy, there it was, just sitting casually on the shelf. It occurred to me that I’ve never actually read any of your books. I have them all read by the incomparable Steven Pacey. Anyway, too late now, it’s bought and downloaded. Maybe next time.

  • Alex says:

    Your books are really amazing. I’ve been a long time fan and I’m eager to read the end of the age of madness.
    By the way I’m in Mexico and I’ve been trying to buy an ebook copy but Amazon doesn’t have it. Any idea on where I could get the ebook?

  • Michael MCDONALD says:

    Highly anticipated final chapter.

    The Trouble with Peace series has been a cracking read – along with all the other Abercrombie tales.
    Cannot understand why his books have not been snapped up by one of the Streaming giants as, I am sure, they would be a huge hit on the screen

    Long may the stories flow Joe.

  • Bruno says:

    Hey, Joe! Congrats on another trilogy fully published! I haven’t been able to buy the kindle version of your book here in Brazil though. Do you have any idea why that is? This wasn’t an issue with your previous books

  • Ben Rizzuto says:

    Great ending to the trilogy! I really enjoyed it (although Red Country is still my favorite First Law book) and found the parallels and connections between this and the first trilogy really interesting…also how the writing has evolved over that time. Saddest thing is that I don’t have another book to abticipate now…but of course I can always re-read. Thanks, Joe.

  • Brendan Ding says:

    This is your best work to date (well maybe not as good as Red Country, but certainly the best book in a trilogy). Its complex and rich, full of characters that are wonderfully morally grey striving for their version of good in a very rough world.

    I love how nothing is what it seems and nothing turns out the way its planned.

    If you don’t write a third trilogy I will surely never forgive you. 🙂

    Finally, when is this going to be made into a 10 season streaming series that will make Game of Thrones look like Hogan’s Heros?

  • Scott L says:

    When will whispersync become available? I got so used it now trying to manually turn the page on kindle is driving me nuts (i read, but then ill listen, then both sometimes). I paid for both assuming it was whispersync compatible…especially since amazon immediately recommend audio book after purchasing kindle addition.

    Book is great so far, and I know Joe isn’t in control of this, but I have scoured the web and cannot find an answer anywhere. Thanks in advance for any help.


  • Neil Mullins says:

    Picked my copy up from Waterstones Piccadilly. Hopefully see you next time you give a talk in London.

    I have paused my Dan Abnett and Stephen Erikson reads to sneak this one to the top of the stack.

    I like the interior art inside the cover.

    It’s good to sees it’s gone to shit from the off which was unsettling.


    PS – Next book when?

  • Anne-Marie says:

    Just finished The Wisdom of Crowds and am now bereft.

    It was such a fantastic trilogy that both tugged at my heart and then tore it out!
    I’m going to need you to write more, much more, so I can get over this loss!

    Now crack on Joe!

  • pctek says:

    Hah, I just bought the hardback, the last better when reread anyway, paperbacks I find, you have to replace every so often. (Sorry, just occurred to me that means more sales…)

    The kid did well at school, I actually liked it the most of the 3 in this trilogy.
    And yes, have rated it on those sites.

  • Wolfgang says:

    I just finished the book in question. It is indeed a wonderfully written, gripping fast-paced action, as we have come to expect from Mr. J. Abercrombie. However I find that so many strong female characters are bothersome and a bit overpraised. In stead of Logan Nine Fingers and his counterparts we now have Savine, Vic and Rikke and one of the main antagonists is also a badass woman with heavy issues at hand. Orso is weak, undecisive and Brock and Shivers didn’t get a lot of “screen time”. So many sitcoms and books have already fallen for the lazy, toxic trope of the bad chick that is utilized in place of using a more realistic character. I really do appreciate the work done here, but I miss Joe’s previous old-fashioned approach.

  • Valerie Jordan says:

    I completely disagree with the above comment btw, the “strong” female characters are extremely flawed. Savine is sickeningly superficial and seduced by power & wealth. And Vic has betrayed alot of people close to her. Also they have no special skills or combat abilities like a Rudd Threetrees, or a Logen Ninefingers, so I dont see how they can be characterized as ‘unrealistic’ . Because they are main characters and exist separately from male characters? Conversely I think Orso is one of the strongest characters because he is completely unaffected by the trappings of power. He has one of the most consistently genuine hearts throughout the trilogy.

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