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June 6th, 2009

Well, my mini tour of the UK promoting Best Served Cold has now come to an end. Seemed to go very well, on the whole. Talk in Manchester was good, despite at one point losing my train of thought and standing staring into space for an awful lot longer than was comfortable. An informed and enthusiastic audience – got to be a good thing. Then got the train back to London, took a brief tour of book stores there to sign stock. Then another little talk, q&a; and reading at Forbidden Planet in Covent Garden. Only fitted in a couple of questions because of time constraints, which was a shame because in spite of everyone standing (or perhaps because of it), there was a nice informal feel to the event. Finally to Bath, this morning, where again there was a decent turnout, maybe thirty or so, and then to my knackered house full of boxes.

So my heartfelt thanks to all those who came out to show their support at any of those places, and especially to those who bought books. All in all, another few hundred copies signed. My hand hurts. Ah, and someone gave me an amusing and accomplished First Law-influenced cartoon, which shall get pride of place on my noticeboard.

While I was away the broadband fairies visited the new house and left a lovely new internet connection, so now I can catch up on various blogging responsibilities, start to chisel away at the massive email backlog I’ve built up over the last month, and, who knows … maybe even do some writing. The question I got asked most often, after all, while presenting a new book to the world?

When’s the next book coming out?

There’s just no pleasing some people…

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  • KEIKOO says:

    hahaha – no, no way pleasing! I'm only at the beginning of BSC but can't wait the next story!!
    Thanks for the signing in London – shame it was so short- and good luck with your house ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I can't wait to get hold of BSC once it gets stateside.

    I'm envious of those that got to go to even a short signing. Oh well thats what I get for living in the hinterlands.

  • mythusmage says:

    Never mind the next book, when does a certain ersatz Gandalf get his?

  • seruko says:

    Mr West,
    If you live in the states you can still order BSC from or whatever other british book internets selling service you desire.
    Expect to pay some shipping charges.

  • Arwel says:

    Hello Joe,

    Very many thanks to you for being patient enough to sign and line what must've seemed like dozens of books that I brought with me to Manchester – very, very much appreciated. At least you only had to sign them; I had to carry the bloody things around with me all day!!

    I had a question I'd have liked to ask on the evening, but ran out of time, so I'll ask it now:

    As a very accomplished novelist, and I'm sure an equally accomplished film editor, do you feel that a combination of these skills makes you well placed to be a good screenwriter? If so, is writing for the screen something you'd be interested in?

    I wish you all the best with your unpacking. I wonder whether you'll find a long-forgotten manuscript in one of those boxes, a la Stephen King?



  • isis says:

    We forgot to ask you when Scott Lynch's third book was coming out. Or if you planned to help George finish ADWD. *sniggers*

    And if we don't see you before, we'll see you in Bath next Spring (so long as you don't head out of town before we arrive). Although there's the National Beer Festival in early August if you fancy popping up to quaff some fine ales.

  • enjai says:

    At least the most common question wasn't, "Where do you get your ideas from?" although you disarmed that one at London by insisting you now get ideas through the power of "homage".
    I hope you threw a diva strop with the manager of the Phoenix bar as none of the gang could see a poster of your books there. How dare they!

  • Arwel says:

    enjai – you mentioned:

    "… you disarmed that one at London by insisting you now get ideas through the power of 'homage'."

    In Manchester, Joe did say that a future novel would be a historical novel based on cheese – brought to us through the power of 'fromage'.

    Only joking!!

  • Louiseifer says:

    Good point about the London signing being informal – it was such a great atmosphere! (I was the girl with the upside-down book cover… er, I mean, collector's item!!)

  • Susanne says:

    I meant to ask you how the house was coming along. But my brain kinda went. Good luck with the continued unpacking!

    Btw, I'm so using "less than deceased than advertised" should the oportunity ever present itself. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Susanne says:

    Yeah, I'm a smartarse, and then I totally get it wrong. *facepalm* Minus one "than", that quote's supposed to read.

  • Anonymous says:

    Because I know it has been worrying you for days, I can confirm that Swindon Waterstones now is fully stocked up with The Book. Now I had better avoid the place for a few days!
    It was good to meet you on Saturday, thanks for the signature and comment! I have to admit I was surprised at not being stuck in a queue and I wondered what sort of numbers you were expecting compared to the 30 you said turned up? I have no idea what good looks like in these kind of things, but I'm glad I made the journey and thank you for doing the session.
    The Book, did kind of wipe out my Sunday though – I'm about 300 pages in and it is a 5/5 for me so farโ€ฆ.
    Swindon Nick

  • Masrock says:


    I've got BSC (Book name – not Big Smelly C***!)and a 1/4 in already, trouble is I've just passed 40yrs old, and you know what that does to your memory, do you have a cast list for the characters that crossover/ get mentioned from your previous stories -trying to avoid spoilers here.
    Sorry I missed you Manchester Gig, a chest infection layed me low – I have a note from my doctor and everything.

  • Silverstar says:

    I'll treasure the China Mieville book you signed for me ๐Ÿ˜‰

    (I did buy BSC too, promise!)

    Thanks for the London signing – was great fun!

  • Anonymous says:

    just a quick question – do you read fan reviews on Amazon? Do they affect you in any way?

  • phild says:

    Many thanks for the signing in Bath.

    I must say that I thought the turn out could have been better, especially as you put on your best suit for the occasion!

    With that point in mind, you might find Bristol to be a better venue. Waterstone's at the Galleries has been host to some really good gigs in recent times – sellout reading sessions by Iain M. Banks and Stephen Donaldson come to mind – and, like Manchester, Bristol has an enthusiastic student population.

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