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August 21st, 2020

Time flipping flies and, believe it or not, it’s under a month now until The Trouble With Peace comes out.  We’ll be releasing a few extracts from the early chapters leading up the big day, and the first – a little episode from the point of view of that principled man of the North, Jonas Clover – is up on the site right now.  Just scroll down the page to find it.  It’s just below those lovely links via which one can pre-order the book…

Talking of which, a few links to signed and special stock of one kind or another which you may not find there.  London’s foremost collector’s bookshop Goldsboro Books are doing a limited edition 1st/1st numbered hardcover with sprayed edges. My old friends at Toppings in Bath are offering signed stock as well as 100 personally dedicated by mine own pen.  Waterstones, meanwhile, are offering a special signed hardcover which includes an exclusive short story called The Stone along with a little ‘previously in the Age of Madness’ refresher on the events of A Little Hatred.  I’m going to be putting the ‘previously in’ up on here when the book comes out, but Waterstones is the only place you can get the short story for the time being.  If neither paper nor e-book are your thing but you are one of that increasing legion for whom only the 1,000 voices of Steven Pacey will do, you can preorder the Audiobook via Audible, which will be out on the 15th alongside the other editions.  It says it’s 13 hours long but I don’t think that can be right because A Little Hatred is 20 hours and The Trouble With Peace is maybe 10% longer…

For those seeking the US edition, Hachette provide a centralised hub to all retailers, but Barnes and Noble are also offering signed hardcovers.

And I think that’s all for now.  There’ll be another extract coming somewhere on the internet next friday…

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  • Joe Maki says:

    I LOVE Pacey’s narrating! The dude has me in stitches every time Glokta is on screen or other guys like Cosca, the master poisoner, Bayaz, etc.

  • Lee Logan says:

    I can’t agree with you more @JoeMaki. Joe Abercrombie is an absolutely brilliant author and the combination of Steven Pacey’s narration brings the already amazing characters to life like no others.

  • Mark J. Jones says:

    I have The Trouble With Peace audiobook on preorder; listening to A Little Hatred again in anticipation. I never thought I’d warm to Del Tarrant after him breaking my 8 year old heart with Soolin, but life is full of lessons. Thanks too for the Clover excerpt: the Shanka are great enemies, and I like the literal bodyarmour you’ve given them. Joe, since I know you do reply to these sometimes: Clover stands out as the only main character you’ve ever written post- First Law who doesn’t feature in the previous books. Was that a deliberate (and potentially liberating) decision or had you just killed off everyone else suitable…?

  • Div says: has two pages for The Trouble With Peace. One has a runtime of 20+ hours, one of 13, and it’s a 3$ difference. I’m assuming it’s an error on their part.

  • Stephen Hick says:

    I can’t wait, only 388 days until The Wisdom of Crowds and then 2 to 3 more years until the next one. Time enough for another reread.

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