Typical Writing Day?

April 17th, 2013

Many would-be Inquisitors asked me what a typical writing day looks like.  For you, therefore:

Typical Writing Day

Posted in The Inquisition by Joe Abercrombie on April 17th, 2013.

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  • michael says:

    looks a bit like how I spend my work day.

    thoughts on previous posts:
    – Tinkerbell and the Secret of the Wings – my daughter and I loved this immensely.
    – Les Mis the movie – i thought this was mind blowingly good, especially Hathaway and Crowe. It has a visceral quality the stage show didn’t. A bit grimdark almost.

  • michael says:

    …and can you just write me a note I can give to the wife explaining why it is really really really important that I be allowed to acquire the graphic adventures of our favourite digitally challenged hero?


  • Slogra says:

    You ought to be ashamed of your time mismanagement, Mr. Abercrombie. You should spend more time moaning with, not at, your partner.

  • Smoochie says:

    Where’s the pie slice showing ‘making humorous pie-charts’? Or is that part of ‘bollocks’.

  • scassonio says:

    It’s all good anyway. I’m a happy reader.

  • Luke Scull says:

    Very similar to mine. You can swap in “Organising What To Play When Book Is Finished” for “Bioshock”, “I’m A Cheap Abercrombie Knock-Off” for “I’m An Amazing/Awful Writer” (roughly equivalent to both combined), and “Going For A Piss” with “Pacing About”. I think sitting down writing all day has messed up my prostate.

  • Thaddeus says:

    Ha, that’s pretty good although I’m surprised there isn’t more time spent on administrative bollocks.

  • bta says:

    It’s called constructive procrastination.

    What’s more, as you get older you’ll find that you get better at it until it’ll take three days to change a lightbulb.
    Mind you, you’ll never raise it to art form status until you get a garden shed to potter about in.

  • Fatherofuma says:

    Hi Joe

    Can you write me a note too that I can give to the boss explaining why it is really really really important that I be allowed to read The First Law at work.


  • Patrick89 says:

    That’s exactly the reason for buying your books, the bitter humor 🙂

  • Weedypants says:

    Oh dear, Patrick thinks it’s “bitter humour”. Obviously he has never tried “serious” writing.

    Two points:

    (1) People don’t realise how physically and emotionally exhausting all that pacing and preparing and moaning really is.

    (2) You missed out “making tea”.


  • bobbby says:

    The “Im awesome writer” is about double the size of “im aweful writer”.

  • arcanespace says:

    Weird, I always thought it involved more whiskey.

  • Montana says:

    Kind of reminds me of my university days.

    Just replace writing with studying.

  • Patrick89 says:

    @ Weedypants. Sorry, I just don’t get your point. Was your post supposed to be offensive, or ironical?

  • Weedypants says:

    Hi Patrick. Apologies. With all sorts of failed irony all over the place I was trying (and failing) to make the point that Joe isn’t (or rather isn’t just) being humorous. He’s telling (and maybe exaggerating) the truth (not that the truth isn’t itself humorous!).

    I think I need to stop digging.

    No offence intended at all.

  • I think I’m getting old, because “Spam” and “I’m an amazing writer” look like to parts of the same piece color-wise. But then, so do “I’m an awful writer” and “Administrative bollucks.”

  • Patrick89 says:

    Hi Weedy, apology accepted, thanks. I’m sorry for misunderstanding you, too.

  • Simon says:

    I’m glad to see you spend more time thinking you are Amazing!

    Defiantly needs more tea/coffee/ginger beer/beverage of choice or is that all in bollocks?

    I once had a friend who told me that life basically boils down to ‘stuff’ and ‘other stuff’. However he was a hopeless stoner and should be ignored.

  • […] life. (There’s more about this in Memories of Me.) A good example of this is Joe Abercrombie’s humorous graphic about a typical day of writing. It makes you smile while you realize that talent and productivity […]

  • Jonah Safer says:

    Ha! Sounds about right (write?). Just stumbled across your blog searching for a place to send a buddy some Ardberg Corryvreckan as a gift and ended up filling my procrastination pie wedge quite nicely with your musings.

  • Kerry says:

    Joe, in the 2 years (ish) since sharing this tasty pie, has your daily writing routine changed?

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