Wisdom of Crowds Tour

August 14th, 2021

The Wisdom of Crowds is coming in less than a month and I am very pleased to announce we’ll be doing not only some online events, but a few IN-PERSON ones too. Here’s the schedule:

And a link to my publisher with further info and ticketing options. We’d obviously love to do a more comprehensive tour of the UK, as we’ve done in previous years, but the ongoing pandemic situation does make things a little unpredictable, so I’m sorry if we’re not going to get anywhere near you this time around, but the virtual ones should be open to anyone with an internet connection. Exactly how the in-person events will work – what the masking or social distancing rules will be and whether I’ll be able to sign books you bring with you – it’s a little early to say too. I’ll give further details as I have them, but for now it’s probably best discussed with the relevant venues – in person events are only just starting up again so there’s an element of trial and error and, though things are looking pretty positive at the moment, there’s always the possibility case numbers will increase and we’ll need to take stiffer precautions…

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  • alec keene says:

    Joe I would rather you keep save, and carry on writing for us. What is the follow on going to be about. Or could it be before when Bayez was younger etc

  • David Butler says:

    Would love to come and see you but as with a lot of these type of thing no Midlands or north of England dates. Please don’t use Covid as a excuse, it’s a pussie way out.
    PS, you can never have enough knives.

  • Darren says:

    I’ve been missing these, we’ve been to every signing you’ve done in Leeds. Looks like we won’t make this one but gald things are slowly getting on track

  • Darragh Sinnott says:

    I’ve never been to a book signing or AMA event but I imagine if I were ever to do so you’d be too of the list!

    Might just have to check out one of these virtual events and maybe once our current age of madness passes I’ll be ready try a book singing in Dublin

  • Binary Worrier says:

    Keep yourself safe Joe. I’d rather be called a cat than die – or possibly permanently damage my health – from an easily avoided virus.

    . . . also can anyone explain the non sequitur above about cat flaps? Thanks.

  • Wombat of Hoskopp says:

    Great news! Round our way (East of the Sun, West of the Moon), cases are still rising 25% a week because of all the Big Dogs ditching their masks and hunting in packs; the Wisdom of Crowds, eh? It’s like they’ve never even heard of the Inquisition! We’ll beat this, but no point breaking the Third Law to keep tails wagging. Looking forward to it.

  • Dom MacMahon says:

    I am looking forward to the Shenkt v Yousef face off – it’s going to be epic!

  • Cog So Bright says:

    Sad no US tour this run, but who cares, un dia, as Cog would say, “an artist must challenge themselves.” I am just pumped you take that seriously and keep pumping the world full of insanely funny and beautiful moments like Cog and his window in Red Country and Logan and his trusted cook pot. I have this hydroflask cup I soley drink from and I think of it as my pot and know that I will feel the same way when inevitably I must part ways with said ‘pot,’ thus a cool example of how your literature, work and passion is integrated into other peoples minds in nuanced and subtle ways, just like the seeds sown by Calder. Funny which ones grow and sprout, but more amazingly, I dont know you, probably never will, and yet of the 10,000 books I have probably read, yours, make me happy, bring me joy. To suffer, fight and laugh through the utter chaos of this universe or the universe you created makes me feel connection,… And you are a sick and funny ‘AF’ … thank you and cant wait for the roll out in a couple weeks here.

  • Nathan says:

    ::Cathy bates vibes::

    Where’s my Manchester book signing Joe, where ?

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