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Why no repeat Points of View?

Back to the Inquisition, and there are going to be some serious spoilers on this one right from the question, so if you haven’t read all my books, I would STRONGLY suggest you look away, right about NOW, and buy them all. Still here?  OK, then.  Tolmie Wright asks: “Read through Red Country, fantastic novel,” […]

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Further Gritty Washback

I set out on a righteous quest to sweep the blogosphere with navel-gazing on the subject of grit, and I kind of succeeded, although it mutated into grimdark along the way.  But then mutations are unpredictable and stick according to the prevailing conditions and the mechanism of natural selection.  Who am I to argue with […]

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Glenfarclas 21 vs Balvenie Single Barrel

Our second semi-final pits two exemplars of contrasting Speyside styles against each other, and it’s going to be no easy contest.  Bourbon barrel matured sweet yet sour connoisseur’s option Balvenie Single Barrel annihilated a pleasantly marmaladey but slightly limp-wristed Dalmore 15, then laid waste to much-loved plucky wildcard Bruichladdich Infinity, which had only just dusted itself […]

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