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Infrequent Posting

Posting may be somewhat reduced in both frequency and quality over the next few weeks due to life. And as though to prove the reduction in quality: Attempts to move crawl onward most stressfully in a kind of: found buyer for flat who was so keen they wanted to give me their number and text […]

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An Evening in Casualty

OK, true story, so don’t laugh. Well, you can laugh where you’re meant to laugh. My wife has college on a Tuesday, and my daughter goes to nursery with her. I go to meet them off the bus to lend a hand when they get back most days, just down the end of my road. […]

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Other Life – V Festival 2007

For those of you that don’t know, I enjoy a double life as a film and video editor, mostly of live music these days (concerts, festivals, DVDs for bands), although over the past ten years I’ve done a lot of documentary and a bit of entertainment tv as well. This weekend I was working fifteen […]

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