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February 21st, 2009

Posting may be somewhat reduced in both frequency and quality over the next few weeks due to life. And as though to prove the reduction in quality:

Attempts to move crawl onward most stressfully in a kind of: found buyer for flat who was so keen they wanted to give me their number and text me a lot-accepted offer-rush trip down to Bath-got architect to look at prospective house-consulted planning officer-put offer on house-was rejected-put other offer in-was accepted-instructed solicitor-applied for mortgage-buyer pulled out for no discernable reason leaving us very annoyed-all is lost-other buyer turned up the next day-accepted their offer-all is not lost after all-sort of a way. And that’s just two weeks of moving-based entertainment. Fun couple of months we’re going to have…

SFFWorld have voted Last Argument of Kings their favourite book of 2008. Well, Patrick Rothfuss scored the same number of points for Name of the Wind, but due to a wrinkle of the rules, rather than a tie, I WON! And, you know, it’s not about how you win, or by how much, it’s just about winning. Opponent slips and twists his ankle, cannot continue? Win. Opponent slips and shatters his ankle, ending his career? Win. Piano falls on opponent on the way to the match? Number 1, baby!

Posted in Other Life by Joe Abercrombie on February 21st, 2009.

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  • innokenti says:

    You may have won the race, but Steven Erikson travelled back in time and two of him raced (and came in the top 10).

    Ahem. Not to er… udnermine your fantastic win. For it is fantastic!

    Really glad to hear that!

  • marky says:

    Yup, moving house is a huge pain in the nipples. Breathe, relax, and breathe.

    Congratulations on the award. You and Pat are my two favourite Authors. If one of you didn’t win it, I’m glad the other did.

  • Fluffs says:

    I hope you warned the new owners about the banister wielding hoodies in the area? Caveat emptor, I hear you say. 😉

  • Oguleth says:

    Such a dissapointment…

    Been hoping for author generated excuses for dodging proper work to play Street Fighter 4, Best Served Cold better contain some!

  • David Wagner says:

    Congrats on the win. You da man. I loved Rothfuss’ book almost as much as I loved yours, so I’m cool with it either way. I look forward to Best Served Cold. Thanks for doing what you do.

  • Cool! The word verification for me to make this comment is “demons…”

    Er, anyway. After a long enforced absence during which I was forced at wifepoint to read Name of the Wind, I’ve finally started on They Will Be Hanged. It’s like slipping on an old and tatty but extremely comfortable pair of slippers. Can’t speak for Last Argument, but I would have voted for you anyway.

    Obviously, my 2009 allegiances may have to lie elsewhere…

    Good luck with the real world stuff. Been there done that got the medication.

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