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Call them what you like: Bound Proofs, Galleys, Advance Reader Copies (ARCs), Advance Reader Editions (AREs), Advance Reader Special Editions (ARSEs), they are a staple of the publishing world.  Essentially these are not-quite-final versions of the book sent out well before publication, to reviewers that they may have time to review, to other authors that […]

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Half the World, Finished! Not.

Well, kind of. I’ve spoken before of how you (or at least I) never really get that moment of glorious satisfaction when you clack out the words THE END on your typewriter, whizz the final sheet from the drum, plonk it on top of the crisp heap of typescript and allow yourself that one cigarette […]

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The Authority of Print

So, this past couple of weeks I’ve been going through two sets of Page Proofs for Half a King, one for Del Rey’s US edition, one for HarperCollins’ UK edition.  This is when the book, in its (almost) final typeset form, is sent to you for final approval on loose leaves of A4, and you […]

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2013 in Review

Happy Birthday to Me. Happy Birthday to Me. Happy Birthday dear MEEEE-EEEEE.  Three cheers, anyone? Yes, indeed, another year has flowed beneath the bridge at ever-increasing speed and I am 39 today.  It’s round about 12 years since I started writing The Blade Itself back in 2001.  Some 9 years since I signed my first […]

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Everyone has a Plan until they’re Punched in the Face

The quote is from Mike Tyson, I believe, and somewhat appropriate, as I want to talk a little bit about planning.  I’m traditionally quite a careful planner, but over time I’ve developed a more organic approach.  I think it’s important not to get too bound up in the planning, but to get a feel for […]

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Editing, and More

The dream with this new trilogy was to gloriously complete a draft of the second book and a detailed plan for the third by the end of the year, therefore 6 or 7 months before publication of the first book, leaving time enough to edit the first book in the light of all I had […]

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A Movement Within Fantasy?

I’m not even a third of the way through the Inquisition’s gruelling range of questions, but I’m still doing my best to confess, preferably while implicating everyone I can think of, innocent or guilty.  Inquisitor Colm asks: A pretty art-w*nk question here: Do you consider yourself as part of a general movement within fantasy (Third […]

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Just How Bad Was Your First Draft?

The Inquisition should be uprooting treasons and bringing dangerous criminals to book, but they just won’t leave me alone, and it seems they’re fixated on the process of writing, or at least what passes for it in my case.  Today a question via email from Practical George Allen, who describes himself as, “a cringing, neurotic, self-deprecating […]

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Why the Third Person?

Inquisitor Joseph asks, presumably while fingering his glittering instruments in as menacing a manner as possible: When writing, what made you decide to use third person? Because its easier? Would you recommend writing in third person, or do you think it’s more of a personalised choice? Also, when describing things, do you think it is […]

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Do You Read Lots of Fantasy?

Back to the Inquisition, and I get the feeling I’m going to be in the chair for some time.  Matt asks: Do you read pretty much every new fantasy book that comes out and are their any current sf/f authors you regard as rivals of yours? Ah, other writers, other books.  This one may land […]

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