Corporal Tunny Weekend

July 23rd, 2010

Bremer dan Gorst week is over, the weekend belongs to Corporal Tunny.

The Heroes has three major point-of-view characters, and three more minor ones.  Corporal Tunny is one of the latter, and therefore should only need a quick weekend to polish up (I hope).  He hasn’t appeared in my books before, so by way of introduction I shall quote directly from the speech by his direct superior, First Sergeant Forest, to new recruits:

“Boys, this here is the famous Corporal Tunny, one of the longest serving non-commissioned officers in General Jalenhorm’s division.  A veteran of the Starikland rebellion, the Gurkish war, the last Northern war, the siege of Adua, this current unpleasantness, and a quantity of peacetime soldiering that would have bored a keener mind to death.  He has survived the runs, the rot, the grip, the autumn shudders, the caresses of Northern winds, the buffets of Southern women, thousands of miles of marching, many years of his Majesty’s rations and even a tiny bit of actual fighting to stand – or lie – before you now.  He has four times been Sergeant Tunny, once even Colour Sergeant Tunny, but always, like a homing pigeon to its humble cage, returned to his current station.  He now holds the exalted post of standard bearer of his August Majesty’s indomitable First regiment of cavalry.  You lads stick close to Corporal Tunny here.  He’ll keep you out of danger.  If there was ever a soldier for staying clear of danger, it’s Corporal Tunny.  Just don’t play cards with him!”

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  • Forte says:

    Lookin forward to this fella!

  • Dav says:

    Colour Sergeant? I like. The Regiments of the Line salute you, Mister Abercrombie!

  • Dan says:

    Gahhhh this book can’t arrive fast enough.

  • Dan says:

    okay, so the players are…Craw, Jalenhorm, and Prince Calder as the main’s. Then Tunny, Black Dow, and Shivers as the Minor’s? Do I have that right? Great cast…missing but one “bloody” individual:) But I have faith he is going to make a scene stealing cameo to set up your NEXT book!!

    Am I even close Joe?

  • Dan says:

    Whoops, forgot Gorst…

  • Peter says:

    Dan, you’re probably not (about The Bloody Nine). If anything, I’d say it’s too soon to bring back Logen. Next book? Who knows. I personally don’t think we’ll be that lucky. Also, keep in mind he’s supposed to be dead(ish) and he is overall the main character of the First Law trilogy which I suspect this entire Arc (and by arc I mean all things Abercrombie) will eventually come down to. It began with the bloody nine and it’ll most likely end with him. I also doubt we’ll see Bayaz or any of those big names any time soon either. maybe it’s just me but I think mr. ninefingers is too large of a character to be confined in a cameo without his stealing the entire show.

  • Dan says:

    Your probably right Peter. I don’t believe for a second that logen is dead though. I would probably prefer he return as a main character in a new book or trilogy when the time is right for Joe. Although logen is my favorite Joe Ab’s character, I do love the combination of familiar faces and places, along with a continually growing cast of new characters Joe is creating for us. For instance, I read the Craw short story which I absolutely loved. each of the members of Craw’s crew were unique and interesting. I can see several of them being used again in the future. Anyway, rambling, about 200 days till Heroes is out, but who’s counting? “).

  • Peter says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head Dan. I too don’t for a second believe Logen is dead. Neither is Ferro (I do look forward to seeing her again). Shivers is one of my favorites … as well as Shenkt. I hope to see more Eaters in the next book and I have no doubt I will. The combination of familiar faces and places is such a treat for avid fantasy fans. Create a world, stick with it, and build on it. There’s nothing better than that. Joe’s way of developing his characters is ridiculously elaborate (not to mention extremely difficult, strenuous, and time consuming; so my hat’s off to you Joe). I still remember the scene where we get to see The Bloody Nine butcher the lot of those shanka, Ferro doing her best not to get in his way as she takes out a few with her bow. God I can’t wait till Heroes comes out! By the way the trick is to keep one’s self occupied. Counting only helps in stretching out the days, not whittling them down.

  • Dav says:

    I think Logen is still alive, obviously (PLEASE GOD!), but he’s not my favourite character anymore. Shivers won me over with his last chapter in BSC. He’s abit like Logen was before he grew a heart. But yes, I think the Bloody Nine will pop up in whispers and tales in Heroes, but won’t return for awhile yet. And Black Dow will die quietly in his bed.

  • Yulwei says:

    For some reason that description makes me think of Sergeant Colon of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch

  • J. Christopher says:

    @Yulwei Good one! Sergeant Colon rules. And wow I am seriously getting excited for The Heroes, Joe! Thank God you write so fast is all I can say.

  • Davieboy says:

    Hey, don’t want no clues, no spoilers, don’t want to know anything abuot Tunney till the book is out. Then I want to know all about him….
    Joe, can’t wait. Listening to “Best Served Cold” at the moment having read it previously. Even better on a re-read (listen)despite the narrator (who is very good actually) screwing up the screwing-up sequence.
    Joe, you’re the man, after GRRM that is, but you know what, there’s not THAT much in it…..

  • JenMo says:

    I don’t think we’ll see Ninefingera this time around. But it’d be pretty effin sweet if I were wrong.
    Tunny sounds like an interesting sort. I’m wondering most if Dogman will be around. I love that guy.

  • Patrick says:

    Hopefully black dow gets the bashes he deserves,
    would be hilarious if logen comes back.
    the drop down need a continue…
    maybe with Heroes 😉

  • Jason D'Whelan says:

    Awfully sorry, but whenever I read Tunny, all I think of is Dunny. I see a burly bloke sitting in the shitter with a newspaper going, “holy fuck! I’m in a Joe Abercrombie book!”

    And as for my favorite character… It has to be Shenkt, hands down. He’s so badass!

  • Phil D says:

    I thought you were promoting a charity weekend for dyslectic people who are loosing their grip!

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