I'm a Big Number Two

March 4th, 2009

Yes, indeed, SFSite have published their yearly readers’ best of list for 2008, and guess what’s sneaked in there at No. 2. It’s only Joe Abercrombie’s Last Argument of Kings. They said:

“Abercrombie burst onto the fantasy landscape with bloody murder in his eye and a snarling shout that was not to be ignored.”


“Volume 2, Before They Are Hanged, was #5 on this list last year; that the concluding volume has moved into the #2 spot is a clear indication that the author has not disappointed with his first fantasy trilogy. Last Argument of Kings offers more black humour, realistic characters, bloody battle scenes, political intrigue, and all around high quality entertainment. And it provides an unyielding, cynical end to the series — precisely what was demanded by what had come before.”

Raaaaaaaarrrghhhhh again!

My meteoric rise from not appearing even in the also rans with The Blade Itself, to #5 with Before They are Hanged, to #2 with Last Argument of Kings is most gratifying. If the trend continues I will surely be at #-3 with Best Served Cold next year.

Some doubters might observe the delayed release of several key fantasy works has played into my evil hands this year and next year I might not be so lucky, but I say to them – “Mwa ha ha ha hah! Number 2, baby, number 2!”

And I do a little dance, just to rub it in.

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