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July 6th, 2011

It positively snows interviews with me lately, for Edge Magazine have conducted one for their regular piece, My Favourite Game, in which some major celebrity, pillar of the community, hero to the common man, or entirely unknown fantasy author hold forth on video games.  It’s in the print version too, in case you still read that paper stuff.

In other news, I note in passing that Melody & Words have listed me among their top ten rebels in literature.  Not in edgy yet humorous fantasy, mark you.  In literature as a whole.  This should be no surprise, since I have outraged the forces of conservatism at every turn with my revolutionary nihilism, college-educated attempts to flush western civilisation down the metaphorical crapper, and soiling of our shared mythopoeic building blocks in my jaded literary sewer.  What I’d like to know is what the johnny-come-lately middle of the road literary conformist likes of Jack Kerouac, Cormac McCarthy and, er, Jesus have done to share a list with such dangerous anarchists as what I am.  Huh?  HUH?

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  • Chad says:

    I’m conservative and I like your books. As a matter of fact, I have a number of friends that are conservative who like your books too.

    I think that article, although written by a conservative and posted on a conservative website, shouldn’t speak for all of us. As a matter of fact, when it comes to art, I think politics isn’t really germane.

    I think that article basically breaks down to someone complaining because things have changed (i.e., fantasy is changing (thank goodness!)).

  • Adam says:

    Erm… why list Rorschach, Tom Sawyer, Tyrion Lannister and Holden Caufield alonsgside authors? Why not list Nicomo Cosca, the dirty scamp?

    I had to fire back at that list…

  • Susanne says:

    That’s the weirdest list I’ve ever seen. Not that I don’t agree with the notion of you taking your rightful place amongst those most excellent writers. But how do authors and characters end up in the same list? And what on EARTH has Jesus got to do with, with, anything?

    Also, I’m going to formally complain to those people for making me contemplate Watchmen/SOIAF crossover fiction. What has been thought cannot be unthought…

  • Sensual Sharting says:

    That was the most incoherent list of “literature” that I have ever seen. Jesus and Abercrombie make this list? At least there is extra-biblical evidence Abercrombie exists.

  • DrGonzo says:

    Ah…. good old childhood memories. Elite was really wonderfull. And the imense time we wasted on pirates. Wing Commander in the early 90’s. *sigh*
    And you mentioned the Total War serie. I should get Shogun II looks really impressive, sadly in the end game of any TW game you need really much time so I never came to finish rome.

    I never got a console and still play at a PC which sucks when games like RDR will never get published for PC. And I heard than a PC version of LA Noir is not sure so far.
    Nahhh. good for my relationships I think…

  • Matt Sini says:

    Hey Joe,

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I must admit to never having played God of War, but what do you mean by “fruity” dialogue? Is it homoerotic? If it is, I probably want to play it now! (I have a penchant for uncovering queer stuff in the often heteronormative world of videogames)

    Also, I am probably not the first to suggest this, but I think you should tweet. 🙂

  • bta says:

    Since they didn’t even make the list, you’re obviously considered a good deal more anti-establishment than the Marquis de Sade, Lord Byron and Aleister Crowley.
    Doesn’t that give you a warm glow?
    And considering those three, it also means there’s probably something you’re not telling us.
    Your autobiography should be absolutely riveting.

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    Persons of all political and religious persuasions are of course entirely welcome to read, enjoy, and most importantly buy my books.

    Sensual Sharting,
    My existence is in fact hotly debated by scholars to this day.

    By fruity I guess I just meant absurdly over the top and overblown. It’s about as unironically macho a game as you could find – though perhaps that does cause it to verge on the homoerotic at times. Absurdly muscled semi-naked men growling at each other and all that….

  • ColinJ says:

    @DrGonzo: They’ve announced a PC port of LA NOIR for later this year.

    Although the stories I’ve been hearing about the hundred or-so people who were denied credit and screwed out of overtime payments for busting their arses on this game have somewhat staled me on it.

    But so far THE WITCHER 2: ASSASSINS OF KINGS is by far the best game released so far this year. For ANY platform.

  • James says:

    I love the Total War series. I finished a campaign in Rome: Total War with every possible faction…..not the most healthy of games to be put in the wrong hands I must say.

    And ummm yes…that’s a very strange list. Nothing wrong with being put in the same company as Jesus though hey?

  • Thaddeus says:

    Ever play Double Dragon for the Atari? I used to love playing that as a kid.

    The phrase “…could care less…” in the second link baffles me. It sounds like someone trying and failing to be sarcastic.

    Any chance of a First Law computer game coming out? Being a generous sort, I nobly offer my services as a tester/writer.

  • DrGonzo says:

    Moonstone for Amiga 500 was great… Running around with your knight an chopping monsters into bits.

  • DJR says:

    When they featured a few authors in their last issue (just some no-marks like Morgan, Reynolds etc.) I mentioned on the Edge forum that you’re a gamer and would enjoy being interviewed as you always put out. So you have me to thank. Maybe.

    I bet thats the first time Kratos has been described as ‘fruity’ too. Always did question his minimal dress sense.

  • Jacob says:


    I read in another blog where you said FF13 was mediocre in comparison to FF7 and past installments. May I likewise assume you’ve played “Final Fantasy Tactics” for the PS1? It’s a classic in terms of story, character development, monumental battles, and player options.

    It’s based off of the “War of the Roses” much like the Song series is. As a matter of fact, the game and the book series are incredibly similar in regards to households warring, multiple sub-plots, and numerous other interesting details.

    Either nab a copy off of E-bay or emulate it. You won’t be disappointed. I would have to say that is quite possibly my favorite game of all time. Not to mention that it served as my gateway into the fantasy world.

  • Sensual Sharting says:

    The fact that I got to see Joe Abercrombie, international Man-of-class, say “sensual sharting”, makes me love the internet.

  • Undead Unicorn says:

    That second list was the most insanely random thing I’ve ever seen. Coincidentally my favorite writers are Batman, The Dude from the Big Lewboski, Goku from Dragonball Z, Confucius, Charles Sanders Peirce, and the legendary John Hughes

    Seriously, that list was made by a crazy person or something.

  • Nick says:


    There’s extra-biblical evidence for Jesus. Josephus mentions him a couple of times. There isn’t any for his, erm, “party tricks” though, as far as I’m aware.

  • Sensual Sharting says:

    When I said extra-biblical I meant contemporary accounts. As far as I know, off the top of my head, Josephus was about 100 years later, but I am no biblical scholar and don’t have the energy right now to research.

    And in no way am I trying to start a religious debate, my original post was meant to be snarky.

  • Nick says:

    Yeah, I hadn’t had a chance to show off any ancient historical knowledge for at least half an hour so kinda leapt on the opportunity. In that vein, I think it was more like 50 years 🙂

    It was a pretty weird list. Rebels ranging from Destroyer-Of-Morality-In-Fiction Abercrombie to a kid that…er, smokes.

  • oteckre says:

    I have said so before: The reason to get into PC gaming again is Mount&Blade Warband, especially the online-mod crpg. I never played online games before and i dont like them. But this medievial-combat-sim-like game experience is the most awesome thing there is in gaming for a long time. No other Sword-combat game comes even halfway close to this. Really. Try it out.

  • Jamie says:

    ColinJ nailed it with “The Witcher 2: Assassin of kings” being the best game of the year. If you want a good story excellent writing and sturdy characters, look no further.

    I think it would be right up your street, no blacks or whites, just shades of grey and moral dilemmas. Half the time your not even sure if what your doing is the right thing.

    While I would recommend playing the first Witcher…first, it is possible to jump straight into the second.

    Easily the best RPG in a while, outshines most of Biowares recent stuff.

  • Bard R. says:

    I am surprised that you apparently do not know the book “The Witcher” by the Polish Author A. Sapkowski. Knowledge gap, or not interesting for you? I really miss this in your book “I’ve read” list …

    Btw: The fact-based PC – game is also recommended and much better than Dragon Age …

  • Voref says:

    I concur with Thaddeus, there should be a Third Law inspired videogame. It could be a visceral open world first person action/rpg with an emphasis on atmosphere, characterisation, and brutal combat. You would play as the Dogman. It would be set before the events of the first book, and you and Threetrees, Black Dow etc would be out in the North, living off the land and conducting occasional scouting/raiding missions, which would be perfectly timed as in the books. You could travel the world, doing as you please: meeting people; performing tasks; generally exploring. You would eventually team up with Bethod and become involved in corruption and intrigue, fighting one-on-one battles for honour and massive scale armed offenses in large wars. Then Bethod betrays you, killing Forley, and you and the group are forced into an escape and evasion scenario. After, the plot could coincide with the First Law trilogy. Oh and of course Shanka ambush would always be a real possibility. (Apologies, this is the ramblings of a tired man- and apparently 3 years late)

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