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September 14th, 2012

Early October will see me in Scandinavia.  I’ll be a Guest at Swecon 2012 in Uppsala, Friday 5th – Sunday 7th October.  No precise programme as yet, I’ll let you know when I have something.  I’ll also be doing a couple of bookshop signings, though, where early copies of Red Country should be available, you lucky, lucky Scandinavians…

Sat 6th October, 12.30-13.30, SF-Bokhandeln Stockholm

Mon 8th October, 17.00-18.30, SF-Bokhandeln Malmo

Tue 9th October, 16.00-18.00, Fantask Copenhagen

Very much looking forward to visiting Sweden again, which I loved last time, and to visiting Copenhagen for the first time.  Hope to see some of you there…

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  • DepressedRat says:

    someday, when Italy translate your books, you’ll have to come to Lucca comics. I just hope that day is near.

  • Ben Cooper says:

    GET IN!!!!

    Looking forward to the 6th Oct.

  • Ivana says:

    Looking forward to meet you in Malmö the 8th Oct!

  • SwindonNick says:

    Fantastic news and about time. Oh, hang on you said Swecon, not Swindon. Bugger.

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    Come on, man, Swindon is like two stops from Bath. I’m doing an event there on the 26th.

  • Michael says:

    I have started a ‘demand’ for Joe to come to Birmingham on Eventful. To all those saddened by the geographical hole (the Midlands)in the upcoming signing tour, please add your support. After all, Red Country, Black Country, awlmos the sem playce, aintit.

  • Dmitry says:

    “early copies of Red Country should be available”
    Wow! I’m planning to come Swecon from Russia and it seems like a better idea every day.

  • Michael Ferslev says:

    Did not see this coming, but all the same, friggin awesome. Will see you in Copenhagen, Joe!

  • Tomek says:

    less travelling, more writing, Joe! 😉

    enjoy Sweden, such a beautiful country.

  • Cara(Eli) says:

    Wee! Hope to be at one of those places 🙂

  • RexCogitans says:

    Not coming to Norway? Huge disappointment, I’m such a big fan and blog lurker. Got the trilogy and best served cold signed at Outland in Oslo 3 days after massive cancer surgery when BSC was released. Is there any chance at all Oslo might appear on the tour at all?

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    Looking forward to seeing y’all.

    Very much doubt there’ll be anything extra this time around, sorry. I’d love to take in Oslo as well but I go where I’m asked to, and this time it was south. Copenhagen didn’t get me then, this time it’s their good fortune. Maybe…

  • Barry Adams says:

    Is there a possibility you might grace (Northern) Ireland with your presence on the ‘Red Country’ book tour? Would love to meet you & get a copy or two of your books signed.

  • Galbrod says:

    Fantastic news! Do you think it will be possible to get a copy of ‘Red Country’ at Swecon and have it signed by you there if I can not make it to the bookstores? Free pint/pints of beer for a signed book?

  • Jacob says:

    Also known as the “Northern Kingdom of Heavy Metal”.

  • Johnny says:

    Oh?! Older, a bit more bearded, severely shy and less literary accomplished (I wrote a shopping list once, didn’t go well), I might have to brave this one and come say hi.

    I’m in Copenhagen myself, got a friend who I coerced into fandom in Malmö. He lives in Malmö that is, didn’t coerce him there. Was on a summer trip to one of the eastern Swedish isles. Got a severe sunburn myself then. From reading Last Argument of Kings in the sun. Hungover and not caring. You owe me one for that one tbh. Coercion of friend went well btw. Abbreviations \o/

    Hope I can make it. I might even sign your book for you. Pff, sorry. A moment of weakness.

    (On a more sober note, can I buy you a beer as thanks for the entertainment? I mean, not that I expect you to have time to sit stare in to a glass with me (us, I’m so bringing my Swedish friend (polish actually but who’s counting (I am (how many parenthesis are one allowed to nest?)))), but I could bring you one to enjoy at your own leisure?

    If I don’t make it, have a fun and exiting trip. I’ll be under the covers listening to Steven Pacey do all things just right 🙂

  • Gallbrod, Orion have promised to ship a few boxes of Red Country to the English Bookshop who are our English-language book partner for the Swecon. There will be a signing session at the conventon, either at the con itself or in the English Bookshop around the corner. Or maybe both.

  • TheFourthHorseman says:

    Galbrod: I had the same thought and asked Joe by email, he thinks Red Country will probably be available just in the shops. Waiting for a confirmation to that from SF-Bokhandeln.

    Stockholm is pretty close to Swecon (Uppsala) though, so I’m planning on heading that way on the 6th and then back to Swecon.

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    Gallbrod, 4th Horsemen, etc.
    Straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, Johan Says there’ll be copies of Red Country at the convention…

  • Galbrod says:


  • Nick says:

    You just hate us Americans, don’t you… Early copies for the Scandanavians (spelling?) No delay for Europe. Digital copies of the previous 2 works read by Pacey.

    Just had to say it 🙂 I love your work and I look forward to reading Red Country! (Look forward a little longer, but looking forward all the same!)

    I might as well ask a question as well… Will the next trilogy have Kahloul and Mamoon’s pov’s? …I’ve never read the printed book, so I don’t know how to spell the character’s names 🙂

  • The Dude says:

    It’s so hard to read “Scandinavia”, and find that you left out Norway on your way, but alas, such is life, I guess. Anyways, it’s not like you’d come to northern Norway anyway (but you should, it’s pretty kick ass, lookwise).

    Have you gotten your copy of BSC from SubPress yet? If yes, was it awesome?

  • Rasmus Rubæk says:

    Bloody great news. Will see you in Copenhagen and hope to see copies of Red Country as well.

    Cool that the signing event is at Fantask, the place that started my fantasy addiction some 25 years ago.

  • TheFourthHorseman says:

    Hurrah! Great that RC will be available at the con as well. Hopefully enough copies for all our grubby hands, mind you…

  • Avery says:

    Have you signed the sub press BSC copies yet?

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    I sign the pages in a batch then they go back to the US to be bound into the books. Signed them a couple of months back. The books should be shipping any day.

  • Jimmy says:

    I will be there, in Malmö, for sure! Welcome to Sweden, Joe!

  • Tom G says:

    Sadly I am attending a concert that day so I can not personally welcome you to Sweden. Otherwise I would’ve been at the airport with a marching band, important locals, a viking theatre group and an ABBA-tribute act but I guess you just have to do without such luxuries this time.

    Enjoy your stay 😀

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    Tom G,
    I see absolutely no reason why you cannot arrange for them to be there in your absence. I shall expect the entire welcoming committee you have mentioned as a minimum, and if it isn’t there, will know who to blame.

  • Sword1001 says:

    Stop touring Joe and get working on book no 7! I don’t want to wait until April 2014 for it you lazy sod . . 😉

    PS – No 7 should include Glokta, Jezal, Bayaz, Murcatto, Cosca, Dogman, Shivers and Gorst . . think American Pie: The Reunion but you know, with swords

  • Illu says:

    You should make trip to Finland, now that you are visiting other northern countries. You have lots of fans here if you didn’t know that. Some of them might even come to see you in swedes. I must say that I envy our beloved neighbors for having the honor to have you over. Anyway have fun on your trip!

  • ElliottG says:

    Sword1001 I love your idea of The Reunion with swords. I think this needs to happen. 🙂

    Loving your work as ever Mr Abercrombie sir. Looking forward to seeing you in Guildford if Waterstones drag you around the country again.

  • Andreas Kentorp says:

    Can’t wait for you to visit copenhagen. Hope it’s OK if I bring my favourite book of all time (The Heroes) to be signed 🙂

  • John Holstborg says:

    This is really great news.

    My favorite author is comming to town.
    Yes, it’s almost feels like Yuletide 🙂

    Looking forward to meet you at Fantask!

  • Svante says:

    Great news! Work and family permitting I’ll come to the signing in Malmö. There’s no time on their website, I don’t suppose you know when the signing will be?

  • Svante, the signing is five to half past six, just like Joe says in the post.

  • Fredric says:

    Will be at the signing in Malmö – welcome to our fair city! I work within tourism, so give a shout if you need any sightseeing or restaurant tips.

    Seriously hope there’ll be a copy of “Red Country” for me and I’ll be sure to bring my well-thumbed copy of “Best Served Cold” along!

  • Helena says:

    I’ll be driving halway across the country to be in Malmö. And I mean lengthwise not the width of the country (I wish). 7 hours by car.

    …Ok. Ok. I might have family down there I’m going to visit but they come second. Or maybe third.

  • Troels says:

    Will you only be signing copies of Red Country, or is it possible to get other stuff signed as well..?

  • Troels says:

    In Copenhagen, that is..

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    Look forward to seeing y’all.

    The routine at any of my signings is that I’ll happily sign anything I’ve written. Out of respect to the hosts, it’d be only good manners to buy something while there. If you bring a lot of books, we’re talking a dozen or more, so usually that means you’re a dealer, you may have to wait at the back of any queue for others to get a couple of books signed. The only exception is proofs, which I cannot promise to sign, although honestly I often do.

    In other words, if you’re coming to get a copy of Red Country, and want your copies of my other books signed, no problem.

  • Katri says:

    Unfortunately can’t make it to Sweden and you are not coming to Finland… 🙁 Hopefully next timeBut I do hope to meet you somewhere in UK then.

    Still cherish my signed copies of Heroes and Best Served Cold (which I got when you were signing at Forbidden Planet, London, Jan 2011).

  • Daniel says:

    Oh my oh my oh my, how I will be there for the malmö visit!
    I am of course reading these things with the obvious assumption that they are pieces of a grand factual autobiography. I can’t figure out if I am supposed to assume you have only nine digits or red haired children, though. It will be exciting to see!

  • Brede says:

    I really hope you will return to Norway for another signing session. It was awesome to meet you here the last time 🙂

  • John Holstborg says:

    Just back from the signing at Fantask with a ‘Red Country’ in mint condition. Great!
    Joe, it was a pleasure to meet you and your slightly crooked humor:)
    Hope you will find time to come to Copenhagen again after the release of yout next book. May it come soon.

    And now some serious reading will commence 🙂

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