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October 29th, 2007

Ken has run one of his ‘Questions Five’ interviews with me over on his long-established blog Neth Space. For those that don’t know, it’s an attempt to ask five questions an author will never have been asked before, and hence to illicit unexpected and hilarious responses.

He’s also reviewed the book, as it goes, and he kinda liked it:

“The Blade Itself easily equals anything released in epic fantasy in the past few years, and just may rise to the top … This book is about characters first, and Abercrombie skillfully portrays them with near-perfect internal and external dialogue set at an ideal pace … he stops just short of spitting in the face of genre and set my heart racing through some the best written fight scenes of any genre. This one is not just for fans of epic fantasy.”

Get in.

Posted in interviews, reviews by Joe Abercrombie on October 29th, 2007.

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  • Bob Lock says:

    Great interview with Ken, Joe.

    However I don’t see why you need to read The Blade Itself to find the inspiration to run naked through the forest, I’ve just got back from my usual early morning run and I’ve been doing it since well before reading your book…

    one sec… looks like the cops at the door again…

  • Not looking forward to any more scenes of mouth-based torture. Been in the dentist’s chair a few too many times for those to stay safely in the realm of imagination & entertainment.

  • Bob Lock says:

    Can I ask you five questions, Joe and put ’em on my blog?

    Dare you say yes? 😛

  • Eccentric Libertarian,
    Don’t worry, it’s hugely entertaining oral torture all delivered in the best possible taste.

    I sent the cops.
    And yes, of course you may put questions on your blog. I don’t promise to answer them, though.
    ha ha.

  • Bob Lock says:

    Bah! That’ll teach me to be more specific. However, I’ve thrown the gauntlet down and asked my five questions on my blog. Now are you going to take it up and answer them?
    They’re all thought provoking and profound…

    *dodges bolt of lightning*

  • moonwitch says:

    I have to be perfectly honest here Bob.

    I am not sure I want to know the answer to some of those questions!

  • Moonwitch,
    I’m not sure I want to answer those questions, but…

    I have, against my better judgement, done so. Anything to avoid actually writing.

  • Bob Lock says:

    Hey well done, Joe!

    As I expected you answered my questions with aplomb (more of a plumb than the melon of melange) and good grace.
    Thanks for taking up the gauntlet 🙂

    See? all done tastefully, and we’ve also discovered that Joe’s pictures are of a stand-in as they look nothing like an albino slug…

  • moonwitch says:

    Te He He! Well done Joe. I was scared to look for a while there.

    The albino slug is kinda cute. Do really think that is Joe in the buff? Or is it Practical Frost finally revealed in true glory? A mystery indeed?

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