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Glenfarclas 21 vs Auchentoshan Three Wood

A little delayed, but the second round of Whisky Deathmatch is finally upon us.  A slight change of format here, I think, since we already discussed each contestant in detail the first time around, so I’ll just link back to that, summarise, consider whether my feelings have changed on continued sampling, and then get straight […]

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Red Country Extract (and other updates)

Some of you may be interested to learn that I’ve put up a little extract from Red Country for your viewing pleasure.  You can see it here.  Just a brief taster to whet your appetites.  And the relevant links should now be live, for those who’ve been complaining… You may have noticed some other long […]

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Publishers Weekly on Red Country

A second review for Red Country, this time a starred one from that esteemed organ of the US Book Trade, Publishers Weekly: “Abercrombie continues expanding the world of his First Law trilogy with this gripping and violent stand-alone military fantasy, which loosely follows The Heroes. Shy South returns home from a trip to town to […]

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Ninefingers Sculpture II

So I said to David Jennison, “ignore the comments, man, don’t listen to the jackals.  Half the time they all want different things and half the time they don’t know what they want.  That’s why they need us to tell them what they want.”  But being the giving kind of guy he is, he was […]

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