Blade Itself Limited Edition Cover

July 26th, 2010

It’s been a while getting there, but I’m delighted to unveil the cover for Subterranean Press’s limited edition of The Blade Itself:

Cover art by Alex Preuss, who has also provided endsheets and several colour plates for the inside.  No doubt it will be bound and set to Subterranean’s usual astronomically high standards.  The leather-bound lettered editions are all sold out, but if you’re interested you can still order the signed and numbered hardcover here.  They should be shipping later in the year.  I’ll let you know when I get a precise date…

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  • Wayne King says:

    I’ll buy your special edition Abercrombie. But understand it’s only because I am weak and cannot stand the thought of not being one of five hundred with a copy.

    You tricky bastard.

  • Harvey Quinn says:

    “The leather-bound lettered editions are all sold out”

    Actually devastated.

  • Wayne,
    I like nothing better than a weak reader.

    On the upside, the lettered ones do cost something like $250. You could buy the hardcover limited for $60 (still a cloth-bound, colour illustrated, hardcover copy of a timeless classic of the fantasy genre), and still have change to buy six full copies of the trilogy in standard trade paperback, perhaps as gifts for friends and family. I’d do that, if I were you.

  • Harvey Quinn says:

    I was hoping to get a leather-bound one so I could display it in my library at Quinn Manor, host a dinner party full of young attractive aristocrats and have them marvel at my excellent taste.

    Although I will be ordering a limited hardcover, it would be rude not to right?

  • Mark C says:

    Its not parchmenty, but its very nice! Got a little of the Retribution Falls about it…

    Mark C

  • I love it! Although, as I am but a poor performer, with the weak buying power of the New Zealand dollar, I will not be able to purchase this beautiful book.

    It’s been a while since I’ve read TBI… what location is that?

  • Jason D'Whelan says:

    I agree. The first thing I thought was Retribution Falls when I saw it. Just to be picky, and just cause I can, I’d turn that red text into something cooler like silver or a deep blue. It just doesn’t suit the background methinks.

    But what would I know? Regardless of the cover, it’s still a great read.

  • Jared says:

    I’ve had mine pre-ordered for a bloody year. Not to complain (well, to complain…) but I’m glad to see that it is shaping up to be lovely.

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  • martingriffy says:

    Me too (as in I ordered it about a year ago)… So with the numbered copy, is it first come first serve as to whether you get a low or high number?
    Cos if it is I reckon i’v got number, er, 107… at a guess.

  • Jared says:

    I’m not sure. It was so long ago, I can’t even remember if I requested a particular number (to match my copy of Morgan’s Steel Remains or something). I think they’re pretty random.

    I do love Sub Press editions.

  • Matt says:

    Just purchased this. I assume that the rest of the trilogy will be released as special editions as well? Or did I already miss out?

  • JenMo says:

    I like it! Makes me wanna reread the trilogy.

  • Peter says:

    Oh Joe, I remember coming across your work for the first time. Walking into that Barnes and Noble a desperate man, stalking the aisles, finding and immediately abandoning the peculiar looking cover page of The Blade Itself and just as immediately, finding it once more (as is my wont when book browsing.)

    I held the book in my nervous hands, I felt the texture against my trembling fingers; calming me. The weight in my dry and malnourished palms, convincing me to take a peak beneath its undergarments. And so I did and just like that, Logen sprung out, sliding and slipping and almost, just almost, splitting himself in two with his axe. I could already feel the nefarious grin tugging at the corners of my mouth. I skipped out the store with my prize.

    A few days later I was back; once again a desperate man. Before even finishing the first I had purchased the second and with that nefarious grin on my sun-beaten face now joined by a glitter alike in my red-rimmed eyes, I skipped out the store.

    Again I returned, purchasing the third, devouring that as well, and once full, regressing to my crackheadish ways. I mourned the loss of The Bloody Nine, Ferro, and quite surprisingly, Jezal Dan Luthar. It only then occured to me that you probably had some sort of blog. And yes! You did and even better, The First Law Trilogy was not your only work!

    Best Served Cold was destined to be in my dry and malnourished palms. I received it a week later. Who do I find beneath its undergarments? None other than Shivers! But that’s not all now is it? Let’s not forget Vitari, and Cosca, Nicomo Cosca; a name that just happens to roll off my tongue (A Drink! A Drink! A Drink!). Not to mention the Eaters (personally my favorites). Needless to say I was satisfied. At least until I finished the damned thing that is.

    Now I wait. As long as you keep writing I shall keep buying/feeding.

    Am I the only one who thinks Crummock O’Phail is not as mad as he makes himself out to be? ‘Beloved of the moon’ sounds all sort of magical to me. Call it writers intuition, or blind speculation even, or rather just wishful thinking.

    I’m just saying.

  • Phil D says:

    Got mine on order too.

    Joe – Did you sign up with Sub Press for the whole series?

    Martingriffy, Jared – I have found Bill Schafer at Sub Press to be very obliging in all things. If you want a particular number, just drop him a line and if it hasn’t already gone, he will, I’m sure, reserve it for you.

    As for how the unreserved numbers are allocated to customers, it varies from publisher to publisher. For example, in recent times I have received copies from PS Publishing where the copy number has been missing, and upon inquiry have been given a number to write in myself! Was I tempted to ignore it and mark the copy as number one? Nah, not really. No, honestly…

  • Soda says:

    Plz, kick your russian publisher, i need 3rd book. very.

  • bta says:

    I like Subterranean’s books – good bindings, quality paper, interesting illustrations and the opportunity to purchase signed copies. Cost a bit more than the mass-market product, but not that much more given what you get for your money. Only problem I have is that they tend to be a bit over-optimistic about their shipping dates.

    Will I be buying one of these? Erm…. have to think about it.
    I’ve already got the First Law trilogy in pbk and as S/L/D hbks; to buy yet another edition might seem a bit obsessive, don’t you think? Not so much stalking the author as stalking his books.

    If this is a one-off, then probably no. But if there are plans to publish the full triology, then maybe.

    Give us a clue, Joe!

  • Kruza says:

    Hi, Joe.
    Here is cover of russian edition of “Before they are hanged”:

  • Troy says:

    Yea i would hope the whole trilogy would be done this way. Mr. Abercrombie has been eating well just off of me alone. I will get this”and the other ones if they should make them” i have all the paperbacks, i received a kindle not too long ago so got it for that and also loved steven paceys work on audible so i got those as well… Jesus christ i need a second job to pay for my abercrombie addiction…. :o(

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