FantasyCon 2011

May 16th, 2011

Hot off the press!

I am honoured to be among the Guests of Honour at this year’s FantasyCon to be held in Brighton, England, September 30th – October 2nd this year.  Other GoHs are Gwyneth Jones, Peter Atkins, John Ajvide Lindqvist, and sci-fi heavyweight Brian Aldiss, with Sarah Pinborough serving as Mistress of Ceremonies.  Other attending authors within the fantasy arena include the likes of James Barclay, Tom Lloyd, MD Lachlan, Steven Erikson, Juliet McKenna (who I still haven’t forgiven for nearly twisting my arm off at BristolCon) and oh so many more.

The British Fantasy society is traditionally quite horror orientated, so it’s very nice to be involved.  No information yet on what precisely I’ll be doing but, if previous con experience is to be believed, it’ll be along the lines of some panels, an interview and Q&A and – oh, I don’t know – a load of talking shite in a bar.

Look forward to seeing some of you there, maybe…

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  • ColinJ says:

    Wow! That’s quite a line-up. I’d have to restrain myself from slobbering all over Lindqvist since LET THE RIGHT ONE IN is one of the best books (and movies) ever.

  • Thaddeus says:

    Congrats, Mr. Abercrombie. May limbs survive the encounter with Juliet McKenna.

  • Thaddeus says:

    May your*


    That said, I hope everybody’s limbs survive Ms. McKenna. Got a weird vision of a friendly bespectacled woman leaving behind her a trail of severed limbs… it may be time to lay off the strong cheese.

  • A-drain says:


    Yet another none San Diego visit.

    I will up my previous generous offer of a free pint to two free pints if you come to San Diego. Additionally I will throw in a complimentory key chain of Shamu.

  • Sang de Poulpe says:

    Dear Mr Abercrombie,

    Any chances we see you in Belgium any time soon?


    PS. Our beer is better than the beer you could get in San Diego (Sorry A-drain). 😉

  • I promise not to lay a finger on you, Joe, and I definitely owe you a drink for being such a good sport in Bristol.

  • CM says:


    If only I still lived in England, I’d be planning on dragging my family there. Alas I am unfortunate to be up in the very tip of Scotland where nothing happens. I am doomed to only dreaming about meeting my favourite author.

    Ten points if you can guess who that is, Mr Abercrombie…

  • Ocko says:

    Hmm. Never mind this convention palaver, Joe. Some of us are waiting to see what you make of The Witcher 2.

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