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April 7th, 2013


Posted in artwork by Joe Abercrombie on April 7th, 2013.

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  • NobodyCris says:

    This will get u more Fans and Soom AMC 😛 9 Fingers need to look older

  • DepressedRat says:

    Just tell me the price!!!!!!

  • JenMo says:


  • Graham says:

    Still alive, still alive, still alive…..

  • Looks awesome!

    Spill the beans, Joe! We want to know details!

  • Fish says:

    Just hope this is some kind of prequel, because that is not the bloody nine, at least not yet

  • Dan says:

    Damn flatheads!!

  • bobbby says:

    I count 10 fingers..
    in the first panel, there is something WRONG with his right hand. It looks like a claw or something.

  • bobbby says:

    Ohh wait, i think its a young Logen, fighting the Shanka, before they killed his family.
    “Before he lost a finger and gained a Name”.

    Cliche-ish ?

  • Frank Fitzpatrick says:

    It certainly reeks of a prequel story of Logen’s younger days. For which I am extremely pleased about.

    Not big on comic’s/ graphic novels, but this is one [series] that I’ll be more than willing to purchase.

  • Hawkeye says:

    New story about Logen, whom Joe said he didn’t think he would ever write about again? Yes please!

  • RS says:

    My website: has a sketch of how I imagined Logen when I read The First Law.

  • Dangerous Jim says:

    Graphic Novel Logen origin story?

    Take my money.

    Also, I like the artwork very dynamic. Hopefully this will fill the void until the next trilogy. Is it just Logen getting the ‘treatment’? Or will we see other characters as well… Squeak!

  • Michela says:

    Who’s the artist?

  • IanO says:

    Doubt it’s a prequel because if you click on the image you can see that the jpg is named thebladeitself

    Also, the version on twitter says thebladeitself issue 1 page 1 !!!

    You can’t get anything past us Mr Abercrombie!

  • Eric Sean says:

    Do you need to do a prequel comic to get your books turned into HBO TV shows?

  • Hawkeye says:

    Good spot IanO. Logen does look very young but I don’t mind, still very excited to see the books in this format! I can’t wait to see how the Dogman, Threetrees and Dow are looking!

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