The Joe Abercrombie Christmas Sale

December 3rd, 2013

These days I get quite a lot of requests for me to sign things of one kind or another via the post.  And I mean quite a lot, especially around this time of year.  For people who want me to sign their book by post/send them signed photographs at my expense (or, indeed, theirs)/deliver by hand my eye teeth, my policy has to be this:


Maybe that seems harsh.  Maybe it seems small and mean, like I’m an edgy fantasy Ebeneezer Scrooge, and maybe I am.  Maybe you think a few minutes out of my day on behalf of my dedicated fans is not too much to ask.  But the thing is, I might get 10 such requests a month, or more, and they’re surprisingly time-consuming to deal with.  Unless I want to give out my home address (I don’t, much) I have to get stuff sent to my editor or agent, then it’s their time spent handling it, and my time spent emailing and arranging it, then signing it, then packing it and sending it back.  The postage is never right.  Then things go astray and people get upset and others have to chase the mail and … NO.  I’m really sorry, I am, but I’ve got more actual writing work than I can handle already without moonlighting for the postal service.


But all is not lost!  If you DO desire a signed book, photo, bra, etc. and it’s lovely that you do, your options are these:

1. Come to an event.  I will more than happily sign for you at any appearance.  At bookshop events you may have to buy a book, but no one’s going to be upset if you bring other books to sign.  Usually I’ll happily sign whatever  you’ve got of mine.  If there’s an unusually high attendance and hence long queue, we might have to send folk to the back after getting their first book signed, or maybe limit things if the staff really need to turn the lights off, but that rarely happens.  At a convention, unless I’m right in the middle of something, feel free to collar me and, again, I’m more than happy to sign anything of mine you’ve got.  I mean, if you’re a dealer with 50 books, I might get all twitchy but, in essence, find me at an appearance or convention, I will sign.

2. Go to a dealer that carries signed stock.  Around release date of a new book I usually sign some stock.  Goldsboro Books or Forbidden Planet are good options, and you could probably reserve a signed copy with them before publication if you so desire.  They’ll also probably have some signed stock in any Waterstones I pass through if I’m touring.  They might even be able to swing a dedication if you ask nicely…

3. Buy a book from my bumper Christmas e-bay sale.  Whenever something gets published, I get sent copies.  Sometimes I get sent loads of copies.  They sit in my wonderfully dry and well insulated basement in appetising mint condition.  Every now and then, when the shelves overfloweth with the bounty of my publishers, and usually in the run-up to Christmas, for tis the season of giving, I and my wife organise a sell-off with the proceeds going to charity.  Books of various types and editions will appear on e-bay for purchase, with postage price displayed, and in these books you can get written pretty much anything you like (though Joe don’t draw).  They might even arrive in time for Christmas.  Who’s Scrooge now?


BUT it just so happens that there are a bunch of my books up on e-bay RIGHT NOW, with others going up over the next couple of days.  All proceeds go to Shelter, a UK homelessness charity, and I’m delighted to say that thanks to your goodwill, generosity, and hunger for high-quality fantasy fiction, we already raised some £500 yesterday alone.  So if you want something signed as that special gift for the committed Joe Abercrombie fan in your life: NOW IS YOUR RARE OPPORTUNITY.  That is all.

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  • Mike says:

    I am excited about this. I was having trouble thinking of a good Christmas gift for my father, so I am glad I saw this post early this morning.

    I recommended your books to him after I was mostly finished The Blade Itself. He then devoured all of them faster than I expected.

  • sword1001 says:

    I’ve also stopped signing things by post . . It’s save me a lot of time, but it does make it difficult to accept Amazon deliveries

  • Slogra says:


  • Kim Adams says:

    Hallo Joe,

    I tried to order 2 of the books on e-bay but I got the message that I can’t buy the books because I don’t live in the UK. Is it possible that the shipping goes to the Netherlands when I pay for the cost?

    Groetjes Kim

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    Send a message via ebay to get a quote. We can ship anywhere, if you’ll pay the cost.

  • Nobodycris says:

    I will not buy any of your books sir Becuse I have all your books went is 1/2 king comeing out ?

  • Patrick89 says:

    Like he said in one post below “Current publication date is July 8th 2014 from Del Rey in the US, and a not totally specific though probably very similar July date from Harper Collins in the UK”

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